There's lots going on...

As well as a fully-featured app there is a powerful, secure and efficient back-end system which includes a scoring engine and a content management system. This means that the scores can come from any source (your feed, on-course scorers or manual entry) and delivered to the app in the expected format. We can work with all the main scoring feeds and are happy to take live scores in any format to keep the app up-to-date.

Here are a few of the features of the app:



  • Real-time leaderboard with live scores
  • All player hole-by-hole scores in one place
  • Set your favourites
  • Filter by favourite or search for player
  • Option to hide missed cut players
  • Get push notifications for important leaderboards moves
  • Can handle playoffs, withdrawals and anything else you might want to throw at it!
The Course

The Course

  • Native satellite maps showing course
  • Individual hole flyovers
  • Show players on course using live player-tracker (watch the players move around the course)
  • Show players shots on hole map using shot-tracker
  • Highlight routes, facilities, grandstands etc
Start times

Start times

  • Show times and groups for all four rounds
  • Filter by favourites or search for players
  • Option to reverse tee-times for last two rounds showing leaders first
  • Player scores shown, including hole-by-hole scores


  • Video, commentary and social feeds
  • Video highlights and live feeds
  • Can include hashtag feeds to allow users to contribute to app content
  • Images and video content are shown within the app
  • Audio and web commentary


  • See the course weather for the next 5 days
  • Control notifications (top 10, favourite players and tournament info)
  • Control settings

Push Notifications

  • Your users will get alerted for any major leaderboard movements
  • Choose which players trigger notifications – your favourites and/or top 10 players (top 10 players only applies on last two rounds)
  • Notifications are sent when any selected players score anything other than par on a hole
  • Notifications include player image as well as details of hole, hole score and leaderboard position
  • Tournament notifications (weather delays, winner etc) can be sent through the CMS